Collin Garrity, a designer and woodworker from St. Louis, USA, is harnessing the innovative power of the new-economy and using Kickstarter to help bring his latest project to life and build his dream studio.


Collin uses USA domestic and exotic hardwoods in his work, as well as select reclaimed wood – all of which come together to create a fluent collection of structurally sound and beautifully made products that are full of one-of-a-kind character. The designer talks to Made Journal about his work, why he’s crowd financing and introduces us to his Kickstarter project, The Everyday Folding Table.

By backing this project, you are doing a lot more than buying a quality table, you are supporting a growth effort. An effort to create a studio space and build a team.


I live in St. Louis, Missouri and build everything in my one car garage, which I’ve converted into a no-frills efficiency wood shop. I’m ready to put together a team of driven, innovative individuals to work alongside me, but for that, I need a bigger shop. It will take roughly $18,000 to make this project happen, but every cent pledged beyond that amount will help expand my studio.

That’s why I’ve included smaller rewards. Made from the same wood as the Everyday Folding Table, they eliminate wasted material. But more importantly, they are a way for anyone to be a part of this campaign. Each reward is special and representative of the products that have helped me establish my aesthetic and my business. The seemingly small items, as well as the big ticket items, bring me closer to my dream studio and help me make the Everyday Folding Table a reality.


The Everyday Folding Table

For a long time, I’ve set out to design an everyday table. One that is as simply built as it is aesthetically complex, as sturdy as it is convenient, as beautiful as it is practical. And for a long time, I failed. It’s easy, in the early stages, to get singularly focused. To get so caught up in the details that you leave out what makes a table – essentially – useful, versatile. Beautiful.

Essentially, finally, The Everyday Folding Table is that table.

The Everyday Folding Table is a breakfast table, a display table, a desk and a picnic table. It folds to a six-inch thickness, is easy to carry and is made from the highest quality local Missouri Black Walnut and White Oak. I built this table to work with you, to move with you, to serve its purpose, whatever you need or choose to do with it, every day. It’s a folding table, it’s an heirloom; it’s the beautifully practical piece I’ve always set out to design.

The design is simple and affordable to produce. The most complex mechanism is the spring that holds the legs in place in both the folded and unfolded position. Speaking of which, it’s easy to fold and unfold: it takes less than a minute. There are no loose parts.

collin garrity

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