Buying a Banksy before breakfast or a Tracey Emin on the daily commute? All grown up and flush with wealth, the globally minded millennial generation are transforming the art & design market with their online buying habits.


Made Journal’s editor, Sandra Tinari, explores the new age for art phenomenon this month’s Portfolio Magazine. Online auction house, Paddle8, founded by Alexander Gilkes, Aditya Julka and Osman Khan reveals its secrets to success and attracting invesemtnet from the likes of New York gallerist, David Zwirner, and artist, Damian Hirst. While, Charlie Miner and Isaac Friedman-Heiman, the founders of WorkOf, the online home for independent design, discusses their rapid growth and building a community for makers.


Discover the future of the art and design market in Portfolio Magazine.

Feature photograph: Paddle8 founders, Alexander Gilkes, Aditya Julka and Osman Khan.

All other photography: WorkOf