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It’s how creative districts should be; an intriguing mix of the old and new, the street and the fine art, the working artist and, of course, the monied. Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue


Nadine Kanso, the Lebanese Dubai-based artist and designer has opened an exhibition at La Cantine du Faubourg— the city’s Parisian-inspired restaurant-bar,


A thoughtful examination of Emirati life, the shifting landscape and the relationship between its inhabitants and natural habitat is revealed in The Place of Perpetual

In the fishing village of Sainte Luce, fishermen return with their early morning catches. It's mostly lobsters and assorted fish. The lobsters are for export to the European market.  The lobster and fish catches are reduced and the fishermen have to go farther out to sea then they have traditionally. This has made their work more dangerous and reflects a growing threat to their livelihoods.

These images have been made for the 2010 Prix Pictet Commission, working in cooperation with the United Kingdom based NGO, Azafady, to show issues around land, forests and poverty in this region of Madagascar. The purpose of the images and stories collected here are to illustrate the lack of develoment and Azafady's efforts to promote sustainable development to improve the lives of the people and how the land is used.

As trained photojournalists, we here at Made Journal are passionate about the importance and potential power of documentary photography. When the roster of pre-eminent


#madepostcards:  With a bachelor degree in design achieved by studying at Australia’s Whitehouse Institute, Olivia McDonald is a visual and literary communications


#MadePostcards:  Ever wondered what your fellow creatives get up to on the weekend? Or which are Dubai’s popular design-led events and eateries? In Made Journal’s adhoc


Dubai:  With a passion for Scandinavian interiors and contemporary design, Swedish expat, Lars Narfeldt, is bringing a touch of home to Dubai with his interiors store,

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