Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio explores natural materials and the premise of living with interactive furniture with its latest furniture collection. The design collectibles, constructed of natural materials, feed off of one’s mood and needs, while keeping with the logic of technology.


Fresh from a showcase at Design Days Dubai, the Dubai-based multidisciplinary atelier, which was founded in 2013 by Lebanese architect, Fadi Sarieddine, plays with the idea of customisation as a means of producing limited edition pieces; Swaddle, HangOn and The Division Belt.

The studio brings the designer’s rich architectural experience to its work by coupling form and function, delivering designs that appear alive in their bold lines and movement. Sarieddine’s experimental design approach challenges the fundamentals of traditional design by examining the use of unconventional materials. Inspired by transformation and fueled by interrogation, he adopts a kind of playful minimalism that unfolds into something more.

Photograph – Sandra Tinari

The Swaddle chair is a human cocoon designed to give its inhabitant a world outside of their own. Swaddle is modelled to engulf the user within an elliptical structure spacious enough to curl up into fetal position. Upholstered by MadebyNative in a vegetable-tanned leather and stitched using a traditional saddle stitch method, a soft cotton quilt is sewn onto the full rim through which one can enter and hide from the world by pulling on its draw strings. When the quilt is not used, it can be passed through an opening within the lounger’s base to become a Swaddle tail.


HangOn and The Division Belt meanwhile comprise a series of interchangeable independent objects that can be housed within their respective frames to present a composition tailored to the user’s taste. Ultimately, they are both contemporary hanging solutions for the modern home.

Although similar in concept one takes a more informal approach. HangOn, designed by the studio’s Lilas Bitar, is a tale of loose elements playfully designed to serve a purpose without compromising on form.


Conversely, The Division Belt explores the use of new materials, such as leather and stone, distinguishing the design from Sarieddine’s previous body of works. The latter is a further collaborative effort between the studio and the Dubai-based leather artisans MadebyNative. Together the ateliers bring to life limited edition pieces designed with the appreciation and love of natural materials that correspond with one another over time. The Division Belt comprises eight handcrafted leather belts that loop around the wooden frame, acting as the main structure in which previously designed wooden objects are buckled in.


Working with the physics of tension and compression, the insertion of each piece makes the belts stronger to hold their respective inserts. The belts are double saddle stitched in a signature MadebyNative yellow, hand-waxed linen thread, making them more durable to hold the weight of the hanging objects.

Photography by Dory Younes, unless otherwise stated

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