Flatiron House – big ideas for a tiny space in London

Flatiron House in Fitzrovia, London, by FORMstudio makes a virtue of a redundant and impractical office building just off Oxford Street to transform it into a home memorably but appreciatively described as ‘a staircase with rooms’.


The small triangular footprint of the house predetermined its seemingly simple spatial arrangement, with one principle room on each of five floors, topped by a roof terrace – a luxury for homes in Central London. Considerable thought has gone into the subtleties of the layout and design at each level to ensure that every space works to its optimum; and that the vertical spatial flow between them, provided by a signature staircase, feels natural and fluid.

The white acrylic balustrade of the signature staircase falls through the house as if a twisted ribbon, framing the 14-metre view from the glass roof to the basement, and lending an unexpected sense of scale.

At street level, the previous shopfront has been replaced with a curved window, which follows the prow-like shape of the building. Above it, a curved perforated white acrylic screen allows light into the interior space while maintaining privacy. The previously damp vault has been transformed into a wine cellar and media room beneath the street.

Led by directors, Malcolm Crayton & Jeremy Lingard, FORMstudio aims to create places that can be inhabited and experienced by people in a natural and instinctive way. Enjoyable places with a tranquil sense of simplicity, which create a supportive and uplifing backdrop for life.flatiron-house-01 flatiron-house-05flatiron-house-06flatiron-house-04 flatiron-house-08