Hawini Part 1:  With an organic creation process, the collaborative design group, Hawini, channel their inspirations to “draw, cut, weld, stitch, knit, paint, collect and connect with no boundaries.”

The Lebanese trio, consisting of an architect, designer and social worker, are known for their versatile style and unique, statement-making pieces.; uniting to create a diverse range of unique pieces, including their renowned nail art such as the work, ‘Shemagh’.


As far as the finished products are concerned, they offer no explanation, instead preferring to leave each viewer free to interpret each piece as he/she sees fit.

Hawini have collaborated in a number of exhibitions, including for Cities Boutique at Design Days Dubai, and have also created several installations for Lebanese designer Rabih Keyrouz.

Shemagh by Hawini
Shemagh by Hawini

Hawini’s nail work and other designs are available at Cities Design & Lifestyle store in Dubai’s Galleria Mall in Al Wasl Road.


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