Noma, the world renowned Copenhagen restaurant by René Redzepi has opened in Australia with a stunning restaurant design, the carefully-planned interior of which includes a floor of red earth, two native Australian Xanthorrhoea trees, woven pieces by indigenous artisans and elegant, handcrafted timber facade.


Noma Australia will be located in Barangaroo Sydney for a 10-week sell-out pop-up. Housed in the Anadara building, a beautiful structure with floor to ceiling curved glass windows and views of the waterfront, the restaurant spans more than 500 square metres at ground level and encompasses a dining room, outdoor lounge area and an extensive kitchen and prep area. The kitchen remains entirely open to the entry and dining areas, allowing guests to move past the Noma chefs as they work.

The restaurant design was brought to life by the award-winning Foolscap Studio. With a goal of sourcing the best elements for the interiors, Lendlease and Foolscap Studios aimed to awed diners by the level of detail that had gone into the interior fit-out of the restaurant.

Responding directly to Réne Redzepi’s brief for a ‘uniquely Australian’ design that reflected the preparation of local ingredients centred around the use of fire, Foolscap Studio designed a space that complements Redzepi’s renowned culinary vision. Communicating the Noma philosophy within an Australian context, Foolscap blended Noma’s avant-garde approach with a uniquely Australian identity. The design concept reflects the Australian landscape and centres around ‘land’ and ‘water’. Noma-Barangaroo-2_Made-Journal-courtesy-of-Lendlease

Chef René Redzepi said that the Noma team has felt at home from day one at Barangaroo.

He said: “Being at Barangaroo has reminded me of Noma in Copenhagen, in terms of being on the harbour and the proximity to the water. I’m very happy with the fit out, it’s a very different from our space in Copenhagen, yet it has our DNA in it. In collaboration with our partners we’ve succeeded in getting a distinct Australian-ness embedded into the walls.”

Adele Winteridge, Director, Foolscap Studios said the design for Noma was about creating a frame for the incredible work of Rene Redzepi and his team.

She added: “We considered and developed every detail by working with producers in relation to how we could bring the entire experience to life. From the overall plan and timber facade right down to the crafting of each plate and door handle.”


Taking inspiration from the Australian landscape, Foolscap designed the floor treatment after viewing aerial photographs of salt lakes in Western Australia and drew on a restricted material palette to evoke the regeneration of the country’s bushland after a fire.

The louvred shopfront façade is handcrafted from plywood to resemble a vertical abstraction of the natural bushland, while the dining room is anchored by sculptural rammed earth walls, native timber joinery and an oxidised floor treatment.

Foolscap Studio worked directly with Danish producers Carl Hansen and Kvadrat to source design details such furniture and textiles and, as a playful substitute for the Danish fur found in the Copenhagen restaurant, Tasmanian Wallaby pelts are draped over chairs.

Lendlease, the developer behind Barangaroo Sydney partnered with Tourism Australia to bring Noma to Australia.

noma  //  foolscap studio

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