Note Design Studio was recently named Designer of the Year during Stockholm Design Week 2016 by ArkDes, the Architecture and Design Centre in Stockholm. 

The annual prize is awarded to a designer or studio that propels the Swedish design scene forward. This year it culminated in a stunning exhibition interpreting Note Design Studio’s wide production and business activities, while also emphasising the aesthetic values ​​and the role of design in a home environment.


Note Design Studio launched in 2008 and works within the fields of architecture, interiors, products, graphic design and design strategy.. The studio’s impressive international portfolio also includes a large selection of exclusive design collaborations.

The studio’s Stockholm’s designer of the year exhibition was curated by Lotta Agaton, one of Sweden’s leading stylists, and was presented by ArkDes and Residence Magazine. The exhibition highlighted the growing importance of styled images for communicating design to consumers.

Photography via Note Design Studio

note design studio


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