Tiny houses…heart on the sleeve moment here; we’re tired of over consumption and after years of happily living in Central London apartments and row houses (semi detached), as well as quaint European towns, we enjoy living small. Quality over quantity, which is why at Made Journal we welcome the growing tiny house movement.

How much space do we really need as humans to live happily?Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 9.42.10 AM

Disclaimer here, at present we are living large, more by circumstance than choice, but after having recently been home to Australia to discuss with architects how to make better use of our small beach pad we were met with surprise and the question…

“Wouldn’t you want a proper house with a big backyard and privacy?”

Confused. The Australian architects we spoke to were just not interested (perhaps we should have tried Melbourne). The Made Journal beach pad is small but at three bedrooms its not tiny by UK and European standards. Comfortable or cosy I’d say. It’s certainly bigger than our  lovely and open two-bedroom UK bungalow.Made-Journal-Tiny-Architecture

So today we celebrate all things small. Houses that is.

In fact, it’s going to be a reoccurring theme on Made Journal. We’d love to share your knock them out of the park tiny architecture. After all, many of us live in apartments and not outsized homes, and in our growing cities as populations expand less will certainly be more. We are living in the midst of a global housing crisis. We need more homes so we advocate that small, sustainable, and community friendly and inclusive is the answer.

Let’s be comfortable and champion what we have rather than always striving and seeking to buy and own more. Seriously, when you’re plus 60 years old will you want to living in a gaping structure with excessive landscaping? Tiresome at best, costly more so, especially at a time when you really want to be working less and living more.

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Netherlands House Boat